To Readers Who Have Finished Alliance – Help Wanted!

While I am currently working on the first draft of Dark Fire I have also been thinking about my next project This Is War, which I want to get started on in March. The idea behind this Encounter Series novella, is to tell certain scenes from Alliance from Jack’s POV. I plan to make it available to my mailing list subscribers for free (sign up so you don’t miss out).

While I have a good idea of events that I want to tell through Jack’s eyes, I would love to hear from you too.

If you have finished Alliance please help me out–what scenes would you like to experience from his point of view? Or any other character for that matter? Was there something that happened outside of a scene–a place where Eliza wasn’t–that you wondered about? Please let me know!

To avoid any unintentional spoilers, please email me at with your suggestions. I will be so so so grateful and you will even be included in the acknowledgements.

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.