NANOWRIMO 2016 Crash & Burn

I wish I was writing this to tell you I have crossed the nanowrimo finish line and am 50k into Book 3, but no. I’m afraid to say I crashed out after the first week.

1667 words per day just wasn’t happening. Unfortunately, November wasn’t a bum-on-seat-and-write kind of month for me. I suddenly seemed to have loads going on, then I was unwell for a few weeks. Getting the words done started becoming stressful as I fell behind, so I decided to bow out. Huge respect to those who made it, maybe I’ll try again next year with a different book – or try Camp Nanowrimo, April or July seem like they might work better for me.

But all is not lost! I did manage to get a few chapters of Book 3 done and I know where I’m going with it so will carry on at a slightly more relaxed pace. Book 2 is well on the way for release in Spring 2017. Also, I have been working on a couple of special projects. News about that in couple of weeks.

In the meantime, click here for another deleted scene from Contact.

Happy Wednesday!