Moon, Galaxy and Sky IG Challenge Highlights

Not long to go, only 5 weeks until Aether is released!

In October I took part in the Moon, Galaxy and Sky challenge on Instagram by @themidnight_novelist. Teasers for Aether were sprinkled throughout the month (and even a couple for book 5!), so I’ve gathered the highlights together. Don’t forget to pre-order Aether here 😁.

Day 2: A creepy line from your story

Day 4: Monday Moodboard – Good vs Evil

We’ve seen a few varieties of good & evil in the Encounter world so far, including the classic grey aliens, but in the upcoming books Queen Ayla takes it to the next level 😉.

Day 5: What is your MC’s goal?

Is ‘wtf is going on?’ a goal? 🤷🏼‍♀️

Those who have read any of the Encounter Series books will know that Eliza’s life has been moving further and further away from normal. Book 5 takes an even weirder turn and Eliza has the chance to decide if a normal life is really what she wants…

Day 9: Setting a Scene

Coldbridge – a disused army base in the heart of Silver Leaf Forest where Aether begins. I found these pictures on Google and used them for inspiration when writing the scenes. I also love using Pinterest for scene setting and getting my head into the story.

Day 16: Your Most Recent Line

Honestly? I would rather go home curl up in bed and dream of Jack.

That makes two of us Eliza! 😆

Not the most exciting line but the most recent (from book 5)

Day 18: Monday Moodboard – A Creepy Scene

Arriving on Aether Eliza finally comes face to face with the ethereal alien queen, Aylaiana.

He stopped mid-sentence, and a ghostly hush fell over the room. Queen Aylaiana had arrived. The air had been sucked from the Epulae as all eyes watched the willowy figure descend the steps.

Day 23: A Line From Your Villain

From Aether:

Day 26: Are there any holidays in your story?

Halloween features briefly in Contact and I have a short Christmas themed story in the Extras section of my website but by the time we get to book 4, Earth is such a mess that holidays are a thing of the past. On Aether however, Eliza is introduced to the Emortuus Ball, a celebration of the fallen.

Aethian formalwear has certain flare and I used the pictures in the photo below, which I found on Pinterest, for inspiration when I wrote the scenes. (Check out my Pinterest boards if you want to see more inspiration for the series). 

Here’s a snippet from Aether:

Beside me, Jack groaned. “The Emortuus Ball? Why couldn’t the bounty hunters have waited a few more weeks?”

“What is the Emortuus Ball?” I asked.

“Imagine Cinderella meets the Matrix meets Eyes Wide Shut,” Freddie said wryly.

I raised my eyebrows. “I really can’t. It sounds terrifying.”

Day 30: A sentence with the word SHADOW

Pre-order Aether, available 29th November 2021 and pick up the series so far Encounter Series Box Set books 1-3, currently on sale for 99c/99p!