I ❤️ Pinterest

Pinterest is hands down one of my favourite websites ever. I browse pins on a variety of topics, home decor, organisation hacks, make-up tips and crafting, but my favourite, and the only boards I have created myself, are book boards for character and writing inspiration. Pinterest has fast become one of my main writing tools. I spend probably too long searching for pins that capture the essence of a character and help me to shape my ideas for a scene. My book boards are the first place I go to when I have writer’s block and I usually get the kick-start I am after.

Screen Shot 2016-07-02 at 21.49.57

When I first began writing Contact (an embarrassingly long time ago) I made a scrapbook, printing off pictures to fit my character profiles and help me visualise scenes as well as the world I was creating. I had great fun doing it, but found it restrictive and difficult to amend. Although I’d heard about Pinterest, I only started using it when I discovered you could make boards secret. Despite no one being interested in what I was doing, the idea of a public board for my book felt like it was too soon, almost like I was giving away spoilers. Having a secret board allowed me to pin away to my heart’s content in private.  After a while I wanted to share my boards with the world, even though the books they relate to aren’t quite ready to be released into the world just yet. I still have plenty of secret boards too waiting for their time to go public.

Screen Shot 2016-07-02 at 21.35.37When I read a book I enjoy, I always check to see if the author has a board so I can see how they pictured the characters, scenes etc. I love the idea of someone reading my book and checking out my Pinterest boards to see my inspiration for different elements. Do you feel the same? What do you use Pinterest for?

Currently, only the first two boards of the Encounter Series are public, Contact and Equinox as well as few other book ideas I have in the pipeline. Check them out and follow me.