Dark Fire: Locations

Delving into a new world for my latest series has been great fun. Not only is it set in America rather than England but I have a brand new set of characters to play with. The main difference however, is because Dark Fire is an urban fantasy/paranormal, there are a completely different set of world rules to the Encounter Series.

I have big plans for books set in this universe in future, so I thought it would be interesting to do a series of blog posts to introduce you to this new Dark Fire world.

First up is locations.

Retribution, the first book in the Dark Fire Trilogy, sees Tia join forces with demon hunters, Joel and Lucas, and travel across the country in search of the demon which killed her family. So the first thing I did when planning this novel was to plot their route across the USA. To do this I plotted their route using MapQuest.

Jackson’s Journey
A- Atlanta, GA
B- Cornell University, Ithaca, NY
C- Canley, IL (fictional town)
D- Iowa City, IL 
E- Des Moines, IL
F- Wichita, KA
G- Rosewood, CO (fictional town)
H - Hollywood, CA

This gave me a definitive picture of their journey and I then built my scenes into the necessary stop-offs along the way.

I opted to make two of the towns on the route fictional. The reason for this is because I had specific ideas about how the relevant scenes looked in the novel which didn’t appear to be true of the towns in the real Illinois or Colorado and so–seeing as my budget doesn’t stretch to plane tickets to the USA to properly research the locations myself–I decided to create fictional towns giving me full control!

The map has been handy to refer to while writing. I like to be clear on this kind of stuff before I start writing so I don’t get caught up in the detail distracting from the story, or having to go back and fill in the blanks at later date (although I sometimes still do this).

With this in mind, I also went online and save some pictures to my Dark Fire Evernote file which I recently rediscovered when I started planning out this series. Nowadays, I probably would pin pics to my Pinterest board but these pics were saved sometime ago.

Disclaimer – When I first began plotting Dark Fire I had just finished Contact so while I made plenty of notes, I put it on hold so I could get on with writing Equinox. This means I haven’t been able to find the sources of many of these photos to post the credit. Drop me a line if you have any details and I will add them.

Tia’s Family Home Photo credit: Hooked On Houses

Tia’s family home is a picture perfect house which is burned to the ground when a demon kills her family. This classic colonial house in Connecticut is exactly what I had in mind.


Cemetery in Illinois (Photo: Unknown)

In their line of work the Jackson’s spend more time than most in graveyards. This cemetery in Illinois is just the one Joel and Tia visit to contact the Spirit Guides for help.

Office Building, 604 Locust Street, Des Moines (Photo: Unknown)

In one scene, Tia goes undercover while the boys look for clues on the trail for the demon. It is set in an office and I wanted to visualise what the building might look like when I wrote the scene so I found this photo online of an office block in Des Moines.

Nightingale Club Logo (Photo: redrobin235 -Deviant Art)

Nightingale Club is a fictional nightclub set in Wichita, KA. The gang pay it a visit based on a tipoff they’ve received. Things quickly go from bad to worse and Lucas finds himself in a compromising position. I thought this logo was cool. It could be used by a club but also has an element of mystery to it.


Jackson HQ (Photo: Unknown)

Although they spend most of their time travelling the country fighting evil, the Jackson’s do have a home in the fictional town of Roseford, Colorado. Security is a hugely important factor for them, doing what they do, so this house nestled in the mountains is the ideal location.

Abandoned Mansion in LA (Photo: Pinterest)

When they finally reach Hollywood, the group stay in an abandoned mansion. (Fighting against forces of evil doesn’t pay well!) This picture of an abandoned Victorian mansion in Downtown LA is exactly what I had in mind and really helped when it came to the description.

I could go on, but we don’t want any spoilers so let’s it there for the location tour. Maybe once the book is published and you have read the scenes it will be interesting to take another look at these pictures.

Next time we’re going to look at the lore and mythology in Dark Fire.