Calling All Encounter Readers!

With Dark Fire Book 2 has gone off to the editor this week, I’m taking a quick break before starting on DF3 to work on This Is War, an Encounter Series novella.

TIW features certain scenes and events which happened in Alliance from Jack’s POV. I’m sure there are some obvious ones (no spoilers here!) But I’m also including some other scenes/interactions I think you’ll enjoy.

Is there anything particular from Alliance you’d love to get Jack’s take on? (or any other character?)

If so, please send me a message (or email at asap and let me know. There is a very good chance your suggestion will be featured in the novella and your name will be included in the acknowledgements! 

Not sure of dates yet, but TIW will be a free gift to my mailing list so make sure you’re subscribed –