She’s overworked. He’s out of this world. In a galaxy brimming with deadly threats, can they claim a happily ever after?

Eliza Anderson refuses to be dragged down. Forced to grow up fast and take care of her sister, she tirelessly juggles work and senior year schoolwork just to make ends meet. And not even the mysterious, cute new boy can distract her from the fear she’s falling victim to the same troubling visions and sickness that claimed her mother.

Jack Cartwright keeps his pain buried deep. Though slow to trust after being raised by his brutal human mother, the half-alien is quick to follow strange orders to keep some random Earth girl alive. But defending his feisty charge from a formidable enemy gets complicated when sparks start to fly…

Shocked when she sees a terrifying man freeze time to rob a bank, Eliza questions her own identity when her protector reveals he’s part-extraterrestrial. And as the elusive criminal searches for a powerful artefact, Jack can’t afford to give in to his red-hot chemistry with the beautiful teen.

As truth emerges from the shadows, can their hearts survive a cunning foe’s attack?

Contact is the inter-stellar first book in the Encounter YA science fiction romance series. If you like sassy pairings, electrifying twists, and underground conspiracies, then you’ll love Joanna Homer’s adventures of the third kind.

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