August Update

Although here in London it is still reasonably warm, the telltale signs have arrived that summer is drawing to a close. Brisk mornings, closing the curtains earlier in the evenings, noticing it is slightly darker when I get up each morning – Autumn is on the way. I love living somewhere with seasons, I can’t imagine having the same weather all the time, even if it was sunny, but I can’t say I’m looking forward to the cold.

August Word Count Challenge

For me August was all about writing. As I mentioned in my July update, I set myself a challenge to complete the first draft of book 2 in my Encounter Series by the end of August. If you follow me on social media the you will have an idea of how it went, but let’s this officially – do you want the good news or bad news first?

Good news? Well the good news was I reached my word count target of 80,000! I also smashed my target of 900 words per day, (most days anyway) and seeing as I sometimes managed double, it meant I didn’t have to feel guilty on the days I struggled.

The bad news was that, although I hit my word count by the end of the month, I still haven’t finished the novel. It’s fine though, I’m almost there and am going to try and stay on track so I should be finished soon.

image1One of the main reasons, if not the reason, I was able to write 900+ words every single day despite mummy duties, work, normal life etc, was down to Scrivener IOS. It makes it so much easier to be flexible. I am literally writing everywhere I go, in my lunch break at work, in the bathroom while my son is in the bath, first thing when I wake up I the morning, it’s great. I used to write on the go but using Evernote, then cutting and pasting to Scrivener on my laptop later on. However, I often found I had overlapped scenes I had already written, or wasn’t able to check details I had already written and this caused more work later. Whereas now, it is all there. I seriously cannot recommend it enough.

So, now it is September and I should be getting Contact back for line edits soon. This all being new to me, I’m not sure how long it will take but I plan on cracking on as quickly as possible. I am so excited to publish it and get it out there for you to read.

Speak soon x