August Update

Hello, I’m ba-ck! After spending the past few weeks in my writing cave I have finally finished Alliance! The editing process has officially begun–exciting stuff. Unfortunately, I still don’t feel like I can commit to an exact release date as don’t want to disappoint anyone if it has to be pushed back, but so far we are on track for autumn. Yippee!

Towards the end I literally had to abandon everything apart from working and looking after my son to get the book finished. This means I am now working through an immense list of chores which I neglected in the process. (I have some serious housework to get through!) It also means that I will be arranging a giveaway for my ‘create’ giving key! I will post the details in the next week or two.

I mentioned in my Encounter Series – The Plan post, that I was considering writing a short story detailing some of the events in Alliance from Jack’s POV. Now I have written Alliance, I defiantly think this would be a great edition to the story. Therefore, novella This Is War, will be available in ebook free to email subscribers. I have only just outlined it but hope to have it sent out by the end of the year.

Next up, I will be cracking on with Retribution, the first book in Dark Fire Series. I’m looking forward to delving into a new world of demons, vampires and ghosts, and will be introducing you to a couple of the characters soon.